Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear Teacher, please don't make me be annoying...

 **FYI- this was pertaining to my daughter's Extended Year Summer Program, not her regular classroom**

Dear Special Ed Teacher,

Yes, my daughter talks. But she can't really tell me about her day at school. Please give me a note. DAILY! Parents thrive on information about their children. Sending her off to school with a complete stranger is enough anxiety for me already, so please tell me about her day. I'm not asking for a novel, but something that can make me picture her day.

Did she cry? Did she eat? Did she play with children? I need to know these things. All of the artwork is cute, but my daughter doesn't sit for more than 3mins, and she has deficiency in her fine motor skills- so what is she doing during this time of crafts?? We are working on potty training- I need to know how this is going in school as well.

She is getting PT, OT and speech- I have heard no feedback except from the speech therapist. I don't think this is asking too much. Shouldn't the therapists be advising me what they are working on, so I can incorporate it at home?

Lia started singing a song last week that I had never heard. It turns out it is the Welcome Circle Time song at the beginning of school. This was my biggest glimpse into Lia's day at school so far.

So please, dear teacher, write me a few sentences daily. Let me know how the day is going- good, bad, whatever- I want to know these things. And I don't want to become an annoying parent in asking- I just want it given to me.

Thank you,
A concerned loving parent, not trying to be annoying :)


  1. <3 <3 <3 I love this. Our summer session has next to no communication, very unlike the school year. I'm fortunate in that the speech and OT teachers are both there and we have an established relationship so THEY are the ones who have been communicating with me (along with the bus driver and aide).

  2. i agree. I need feedback re potty training and the counselors at camp give me nothing! getting it out of julie is like pulling teeth. Just a small note, thats all i ask!

  3. Oh I know!!!! I live this daily because both my kids are in daycare. FINALLY after almost 4 years of me being the total PITA mom....the teachers now email AND I can email them!!! FINALLY the lines of communication have opened a teeny tiny bit but I still want more..

  4. When lily was in preschool, I asked that they included daily updates as part of her IEP. It worked for the teachers (who utilized emails). It is still a battle for her services; PT OT are all administered by outside agencies and it is such a transition for a parent from the early intervention system.

  5. I got better communication during the regular year. I have gotten some nice notes from the summer teacher, but then 3 days of nothing, where I have to write Somethig just to get a response. Very frustrating. And was told the therapists are 'very busy'. It's all just aggrivating.

  6. I've got two of my younger kids in IEP programs for preschool - they're in different classes and the difference in communication is crazy! One teacher is constantly writing me notes (for my daughter) the other (for my son) waits until our IEP meetings which are like twice a year... uggh. progress reports are usually full of info but again, my daughter's teacher is incredibly thorough while the other is so so. My daughter will likely drop her IEP by Kindergarten but with my son we're dealing with sensory issues, possible asperger's syndrome. So I wish it was the other way around! Right there with you lady! Anywho, wanted to say hi to a new PSMM, I'm new too! Visit me back at and have a lovely day!

  7. Great post!! I found your wonderful blog from Twitter and am your newest follower! Hoping you will come check out my blog also! :)