Friday, September 28, 2012

Moving Forward

Wherever I go, whatever I do, I am reminded that Lia has Autism. I'm reminded when I drive to therapies, when I'm on the phone with insurance and when Lia is in the corner dancing to the beat of her own drum at dance class. Some days I feel that Autism runs US, but little does Autism know that I will be kicking its butt in the months and years to follow. Because you see, Autism chose a beautiful, intelligent little girl to get its hands on, not knowing her parents have educated themselves in everything they can on the matter.

This little girl has made progress in leaps and bounds. Her speech is developing every day, her motor skills are developing every day. I fear one day soon she will ask me a question that I don't even know the answer too- good thing daddy is Mr. Smarty Pants.

There are days when I stress about Lia's future- hoping that she will be able to live a productive independent life. But those same days, Lia does things to amaze me and squashes those thoughts instantly. Lia has gifts inside her- bursting to come out and make their presence known. She is a special girl.

There are days when I've let Autism get the best of me. Thrown in the towel, sobbing to my husband, asking 'why'? But then I ask 'why not'? My daughter is great. I wouldn't have it any other way. She shows me a different way of looking at the world and looking at myself. She has taught me to slow down my pace and just be. She can cheer you up in a second and her big belly laugh will have you smiling for days.

Sure, there are days that encompass all kinds of challenges. But right now, we are meeting those challenges head-on. We are getting the best school structure, therapy and activities that we can for Lia. We are being the best parents that we can be, and we are doing a damn good job at it!


  1. She is beautiful. I love your perspective. Wishing you all the best Emily!

  2. Lia is adorable. I cant wait to see the progress she makes in the coming months! You guys are great parents...and let me know if its ok that I share your blog with the RDI community!

  3. Beautifully written as always - I love you guys - you are doing an amazing job as I always tell u <3 she's amazing ;) -Jenn

  4. well said em! lia is truly special and you are doing a damn good job of nurturing her. proud of you!