Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lollipop woes

The bank teller sent a lollipop back with my transaction today. When I got home, it went in the trash. Just like that, I was reminded how such a simple task of giving the lollipop to my daughter in the car would not happen. She wouldn't have held the lollipop long enough to even eat it. Just like she won't hold a crayon to color or hold a utensil to eat. 14 months of therapy and this is where we are at. Her fine motor skills are still very immature- but it is a work in progress. Some days I have more hope than others. Some days I feel like my daughter could walk on the moon if she wanted too, other days I am just hopeful she will scribble with a crayon. I see parents of children who take for granted such simple toddler activities in life; climbing the jungle-gym, drinking from an open cup, doing a small craft, eating spaghetti with a fork- if my daughter did these things I would be celebrating. Sounds silly I know. I know she will get there... one day. It is the journey of getting there that is hard.


  1. It gets better, slowly but surely. Both of my siblings have Autism and after 6 years of waiting and hoping since my sister's diagnosis (8 years old now) she's grasping the usefulness of a fork. So hang in there! Enjoy her younger years while they last; life becomes more hectic but way more fun :)